Personalized Educational Financial Planning

Every second, the aggregate student-loan debt in our nation grows an additional $2,726. That equates to over $253,000,000 added per day. We recognize that the nation is facing a substantial challenge with the amount of outstanding student loan debt. But we also understand everybody who pursues a higher education will have their own unique story. We want to help consumers organize and understand their student loans by creating a personalized educational financial plan. In so doing, we will help them to gain confidence in their financial future.

Game Plan for Financing College

With the summer in full swing and many parents making plans to keep their children busy during the summer months, it seems appropriate to discuss college planning. Alright I’ll admit that is kind of a stretch, but it always amazing when parents come in to talk... read more

The Financial Aid Process

Many students and parents will have questions on the overall financial aid process. Today we have broken the whole process down into six steps. We will dive into each step more in depth and provide links at the end of each paragraph for you to learn in greater deal.... read more

Teachers, PSLF and Obama’s 2017 budget

President Obama recently submitted a budget proposal for the 2017 fiscal year. This starts every year on Oct. 1 and is often met with opposition or support depending on party politics. We thought it would be interesting to write about some of these proposals and how... read more

Student Loans and Your Credit Score

With as much emphasis that is placed on the negative components of having student loans, there is some good news from student loans and your credit score. In particular, student loans can help with your credit score if you are a young graduate. states that... read more

Common Questions When Completing FAFSA

As spring break approaches, the reality may be settling in for many parents that the time of sending their kids to college is quickly closing in. One of the first steps of the financial aid process for both parents and their children is to complete the FAFSA (Free... read more

Is A College Education Worth the Cost?

With student loans and the debt at an all-time high, it begs the question, is a college education worth the cost?  It is certainly a worthy question and one that individuals should ask themselves repeatedly. Unfortunately there is no clear cut uniform answers. Many... read more

Back to School: Student Loans & Bankruptcy

Five of my six kids are headed off to school in the next few days.  It seems like the school years starts a little earlier each year.  There are schools herein Arizona that start in July!  And as focus returns to hitting the books the issue of student loans is on a... read more